The 8 Best Games for Your New iPhone, iPad or Android Phone

It does not matter if you have an iPhone, an iPad or an Android phone for the holidays? Not if you want to play. The beauty of smartphones and tablets is that, regardless of the device you have, there will be some fantastic games for them. So, if you’ve been lucky enough to unpack a new portable device and are looking for ways to waste time, here are some options.

High Odyssey

The quiet adventure of the snowboard Alto`s Adventure now has a following and is far from a dramatic descent. The Alto Odyssey transforms the scenery into a beautiful desert landscape and introduces new features such as wall-riding and ballooning. The main action, however, remains reassuring.


The most popular game in the world is also well suited to your phone. Of course, touchscreen controls can not match a mouse and keyboard to get precise head shots. However, if you want to complete all these Battle Pass challenges, it will be a great help if you have the game on your phone.

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Gone Home

Five years ago, Gone Home helped spread a new type of game using the perspective of a first-person shooter, but offering a more narrative and non-violent experience. It tells the story of a young woman who comes home from college only to find the vast house completely empty. What follows is a tense and wonderful secret – one that fits your pocket now.


Florence takes less than two hours, but it creates a lot during this period. It’s a short story where interactivity makes you feel really young and in love. It is sweet, charming and playful, but ends with a powerful and emotional touch.

The Reigns series has always been a fascinating way to see how it would be to make all the difficult decisions a monarch must make. His latest spinoff brings this concept to the increasingly brutal world of Game of Thrones. Sitting on the Iron Throne is certainly not easy.

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